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Prepare Your Mind For More Sonic Boom

Sonic wants to know what you get when you combine fire and ice. No, really, what do you get?


Let’s be charitable here. The last set of Sonic Boom games were poison, literal poison that almost certainly reduced the lifespan of all who wound up playing them. It only makes sense that after you make one of the worst Sonic games ever, and that gem exhibits the worst sales ever seen for the series, you would want to revisit it as quickly as possible and that’s why Sega has, this day, given us all the gift of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

The game is being headed up by Sanzaru Games, who are responsible for last year’s abysmal Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, but are exempt from blame from the equally terrible Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

Fire & Ice aims to create an entirely new experience by infusing the core Sonic gameplay and ice. Reportedly players will be able to run through the game at top speed or take their time with deeper exploration and puzzle play.

Should you really be “infusing core gameplay” when the core gameplay is so horribly put together? Well Sanzaru promises that they’ve been listening to press and customer feedback and will be implementing some changes to make this game the best Sonic Boom game to date, a lofty goal indeed. Let’s hope this mean’s that they can top the epic dance party that capped off Shattered Crystal:

Sega also announced plans to release Sonic Central for Android and iOS devices this summer. Sonic Central promises to be your one stop shop for all things Sonic related. The app will have exclusive art and wallpapers, character information, clips from the animated series, concept art, and information on the latest games. It also includes “Sonic Pix” which will let you and friends take photos and insert Sonic characters into them. I can’t imagine how that could go wrong.

You can read the full blog and see screenshots of this dark future at Sega’s blog here. As usual, stay tuned to Enemy Slime for all the latest fiery cool Sonic news.