Podcast Episode 147: Dirgibles - Enemy Slime

Podcast Episode 147: Dirgibles

Farewell Wii U, we hardly knew ye.


Nintendo has said time and time again that the Switch was not meant to replace the Wii U. Of course that doesn’t mean we need to keep making Wii U’s, and so production on the system will end this very week. And so we say good bye to our old friend, thanks for all the memories and enjoy your place in console heaven next to the Sega Saturn and the CD-i.

QUICK UPDATE: Nintendo finally commented this morning and denied they were ending production of the system. Hooray Wii U’s for everyone!

Also this week Lucio gives us a little update on his experience with Civilization VI, and Jared loves Titanfall 2 so much he gives a copy of it away on the show.


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