World Cup- End of Week 1 - Enemy Slime

World Cup- End of Week 1

The Narrowing Gap.


The first full week of matches is done. This has been a strange World Cup in which the gulf between the traditional powers and what were consdiered second or third rung teams has been diminished. We’ve seen Mexico take down Germany, Belgium crush all before them, and Argentina fall apart mid game. Exciting Stuff! There is a lot to cover, so let’s see how FIFA did.

Day 3:

France VS Australia

France is clearly superior to Australia, however, in the real world Australia proved they can hold on in a match, and even score back.

Simulation Result

France 2- Australia 0

Paul Pogba (25′)
Olivier Giroud (52′)

Game result

France 2- Australia 1

Griezmann (58′) PEN
Behich (81′)(OG)

Jedinak (62′) PEN

Argentina VS Iceland

Argentina played well initially, but a mistake by the goal keeper and the defense put the game level, and Argentina never seemed to be able to get through the Viking shield world as the team cohesion slowly fell apart.

Simulation Result 

Argentina 1- Iceland 2

Finnbogason (42′)
Sigurdusson (56′)

Cristian Pavon (63′)

Game Result

Argentina 1- Iceland 1

Aguero (19′)

Finnbogason (23′)

Peru VS Denmark

Denmark squeezes out a win against a Peru that really deserved to win. In the simulation, Denmark was a clearly superior team, but in the real world, surprises are more common.

Simulation Result

Peru 0- Denmark 2

Poulsen (4′)
Delaney (71′)

Game Result

Peru 0- Denmark 1

Yurari (59′)

Croatia VS Nigeria

Croatia, with some luck gets past a truly exciting Nigeria.

Simulation Result

Croatia 1- Nigeria 0

Mandzukic (4′)

Game Result

Croatia 2- Nigeria 0

Etebo (32′)(OG)
Modric (71′)(PEN)

Day 4:

Costa Rica VS Serbia

In both the simulation and the real world, Serbia is the superior team, but the simulation counted with more aggressive football rather than the anti-football in display in the field.

Simulation Result 

Costa Rica 1- Serbia 2

Savic (16′)
Ljacic (32′)

Ureña (76′)

Game Result

Costa Rica 0- Serbia 1

Kolarov (56′)

Germany VS Mexico

Germany, defending champion was clearly superior in the simulation. But a well planned strategy and impeccable execution lead to Germany to stun the world by beating the defending champions.

Simulation Result

Germany 2- Mexico 0

Muller (16′)
Werner (31′)

Game Result

Germany 0 Mexico 1

Lozano (35′)

Brazil VS Switzerland

Beating for Brazil would have been the safe bet. And you would have lost. Switzerland looks to be in great shape and got a great result against their toughest challenge.

Simulation Result

Brazil 2- Switzerland 0

Jesus (24′)
Neymar (44′)(PEN)

Game Result

Brazil 1- Switzerland 1

Coutinho (20;)

Zuber (50′)

Day 5:

Sweden VS South Korea

Sweden was superior in both instances. No surprises here.

Simulation Result

Sweden 1- South Korea 0

Berg (45′)

Game Result

Sweden 1- South Korea 0

Granqvist (65′) (PEN)

Belgium VS Panama

Belgium is looking like a stronger and stronger contender every day, and Panama, it is debut on the World Cup, didn’t seem to have  a slight chance to compete.

Simulation Result

Belgium 3- Panama 0

Hazrd (39′)
Meunier (45′)
Meunier (63′)

Game Result

Belgium 3- Panama 0

Mertens (47′)
Lukaku (69′)
Lukaku (75′)

Tunisia VS England

While the simulation was correct about the English victory, it was not close as to how close Tunisia was to tie, and sometime looked to even win.

Simulation Result

Tunesia 0- England 4

Alli (7′)
Lingard (13′)
Alli (66′)
Vardy (80′)

Game Result

Tunisia 1- England 2

Sassi (35′)(PEN)

Kane (11′)
Kane (90+1′)

Day 6:

Colombia VS Japan

The world is stunned as Japan beats Colombia. But it was bad luck on the side of the Colombians, as they got a player sent off early while he caused a penalty. The simulation didn’t see that coming.

Simulation Result

Colombia 2- Japan 0

Falcao (37′) PEN
James (45′)

Game Result

Colombia 1- Japan 2

Quintero (39′)

Kagawa (6′)(PEN)
Osako (73′)

Poland VS Senegal

Senegal gets a historic win over Poland, becoming one of the most interesting teams to watch in the tournament.

Simulation Result

Senegal 0- Poland 0

Game Result

Poland 1- Senegal 2

Krychowaick (86′)

Cioneg (37′)(OG)
Niang (60′)

Russia VS Egypt

Russia pummels Egypt 3-1, boosted by a home field advantage that FIFA clearly cannot quantify. It gave the match a tie.

Simulation Result

Russia 0- Egypt 0

Game Result

Russia 3 Egypt 1

Fathi (47′)(OG)
Cheryshev (59′)
Dzyuba (62;)

Salah (73′)(PEN)

Day 7:

Portugal VS Morocco

Christiano Ronaldo continues to carry portugal as it ensures its qualification to the next round.

Simulation Results

Portugal 1- Morocco 0

Gelson (69′)

Game Results

Portugal 1- Morocco 0

Ronaldo (4′)

Uruguay VS Saudi Arabia

Suarez, in a match that was not really pretty, gets the victory for Uruguay.

Simulation Results

Uruguay 2- Saudi Arabia 0

Suarez (12)’
Sanchez (29′)

Game Results

Uruguay 1- Saudi Arabia 0

Suarez (23′)

Iran VS Spain

In the simulation and the matches, FIFA guesses correctly that Spain would have problems to get over the great Persian Defense. But in both instances they managed to do it once to earn a victory.

Simulation Results

Iran 0- Spain 1

Costa (36′)

Games Results

Iran 0- Spain 1

Costa (54′)

Day 8:

Denmark VS Australia

While Denmark continues to perform better in the simulation than they do in the real world, as they manage only a tie against a clearly inferior Australian team that they defeated in the simulation.

Simulation Result

Denmark  2- Australia 1

Kruse (7′)

Sisto (22′)
Poulsen (51′)

Game Result

Denmark 1- Australia 1

Eriksen (7′)

Jedinak (38′)(PEN)

France VS  Peru

Peru once again outperformed its simulated counterparts, but it still was not enough. They conceded a goal against France, and are eliminated.

Simulation Result 

France 3- Peru 0

Giroud (12′)(45′)
Mbappe (28′)

Game Result

France 1- Peru o

Mbappe (34′)

Argentina VS Croatia

It is interesting that the simulation got this one right, aside from the score line. Perhaps the Argentine defense is not as solid as past tournament performances in the past 4 years suggested.

Simulation Result

Argentina 0 Croatia 2

Mandzukic (39′)(60′)

Game Result

Argentina 0 Croatia 3

Rebic (53′)
Modric (80′)
Rakitic (90+1′)

Day 9:

Brazil VS Costa Rica

Brazil proves itself it can be the team it is meant to be, and eliminates Costa Rica from the cup, although at the last minute.

Simulation Result

Brazil 2- Costa Rica 0

Ruiz (10′)

Game Result

Brazil 2- Costa Rica 0

Coutinho (90+1′)
Neymar (90+7′)

Nigeria VS Iceland

Nigeria, playing nice, flowing football, break down the Icelandic defense to win their first game and keep Argentina alive.

Simulation Result

Nigera o- Iceland 1

Finnbogason (21′)

Game Result

Nigeria 2 Iceland 0

Musa (49′)(75′)

Serbia VS Switzerland

Switzerland stuns Serbia at the last moment to turn around an initially losing game, and find itself at the top of their group.

Simulation Result

Serbia 0- Switzerland 1

Xhaka (51′)

Game Result

Serbia 1- Switerland 2

Mitrovic (5′)

Xhaka (52′)
Shaqiri (90′)


Despite some strange results in this cup, FIFA has improved its hit rate from a paltry 25% to a much more respectable 68%. We’ll see if they can keep this going as the final stages of the group phase arrive.