Podcast Episode 212: River Fordin - Enemy Slime

Podcast Episode 212: River Fordin

Who needs rations when you can have all the bullets in Fort Bridger?


Happy Birthday America! On this week’s podcast we celebrate by systematically choosing the ten most patriotic games of all time! I’ve included the list here for archiving’s sake but I’d also encourage you to skip it and just listen to the podcast. Also for some reason that still remains murky Michael shows up and explains the entire plot to Destiny, so hey you gonna like that.

Our top ten patriotic games are as follows:

10.  Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts
9.  Twisted Metal
8.  Cruis’n USA
7.  C&C Red Alert 3
6.  Fallout 3
5.  Freedom Fighters
4.  Far Cry 5
3.  Saints Row IV
2.  Oregon Trail
1.  Call of Duty 2

Honorable Mention: Wolfenstein
Honorable Mention: America’s Army
Honorable Mention: Bad Dudes
Honorable Mention: Revolution X
Honorable Mention: Metal Gear Rising


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