Podcast Episode 214: Ginsburg’s Hot Dog - Enemy Slime

Podcast Episode 214: Ginsburg’s Hot Dog

Is a hot dog a sandwich? A nation weighs in.


Longtime (or likely even short time) listeners will know that as much as we love video games, so too do we love food. Today the two are married in holy matrimony in our podcast as we debate the top ten iconic video game foods of all time.

You can view our list below but really you should just listen to the podcast so you can experience all the drama and excitement for yourself.

10  Cannibal Shrimp
9  Burger Shot
8  Grog
7  Poffins
6  Floor Pizza (TMNT)
5  Skyrim’s Sweetrolls
4  Rations
3  Nuka Cola
2  Schrodinger’s cake
1  Entire roasted poultry inside industrial receptacle

Honorable Mention: Kingdom Hearts Gummi Ship
Honorable Mention: Barry’s Latkas
Honorable Mention: Shameless Cup of Soup Endorsement (FFXV)
Honorable Mention: Bananas


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